Yorkshire Terriers – You Do NOT Want This Dog

Yorkshire terriers are demanding, assertive and overly-energetic little toy dogs.

They have the personality of a big dog, crammed into a small dog body and it’s bursting to get out. All the time.

Yorkshire “Terrors!”

Even though they can be responsive at obedience training, the minute you get home they will want to rule the roost. And many larger dogs — and most people — will defer to them.

As long as you do what they want — or don’t take any of their crap — they can get along with older children, seniors and even other animals. It is important to socialize them at an early age.

They also tend to be barky.

What’s not to love?


The coat of a Yorkie is glossy and fine, silky, straight and long. It is usually parted straight down the back and falls to the floor on both sides.

Most of them have the black and tan coloring that you are familiar with and many crazy owners will tie their hair up with a pretty bow in the front. Uhhh!

Most of them stand about 7 – 9 inches tall and weigh 3 – 7 pounds. They can live 12 – 14 long years.

Grooming and Exercise Needs

Yorkies need to be brushed and groomed everyday (it just keeps getting better, doesn’t it?)

The good news is that, because they use up so much energy running off at the mouth and pushing their weight around, they “only” need to be walked a few times a day.


This little bundle of joy originated in England in the 19th Century where it was originally used for catching rats.

First the Yorkie, then the Spice Girls. Thanks UK.

Note – It is extremely important to obtain your Yorkshire Terrier from a reputable breeder as they are susceptible to a whole catalog of breed related illnesses and health concerns.

Why am I not surprised?

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