Why tailored dog food is best for your puppy’s health

Ideally, the best dog food is advantageous to both humans and pups. As an owner, you want to ensure what you serve up to your pup is convenient and healthy, while your dog needs something nutritious and wholesome to ensure they can live their very best life. By feeding your dog the right food, you will see their temperament improve, and they will be much more content. As dogs aren’t actually carnivores as many people think, the best dog food contains a mixture of meat, fruits, and vegetables, as we explore below. 

What makes the best food for your dog? 

The key thing to look for in dog food is that it is ‘complete.’ In other words, the food has all of the nutrients that your dog needs and in the right quantities. As is the case with human food, you should avoid highly processed dog foods and instead look for options that are wholesome and rich in natural ingredients. Subjecting ingredients to extreme processing destroys their nutritional value, meaning they won’t help your dog. Important ingredients like amino acids are ruined during processing, so it’s vital that you look for foods that are free from processing. Ultimately, selecting natural food for your dog ensures that their diet is free from harmful reactions and as nutritious as possible, which benefits their health and general wellbeing. 

Look for real meat 

A tell-tale sign of good dog food is a brand that consists of lamb, beef, or chicken. When a brand notes a whole ingredient, it means that the food has been created from a whole cut of that specific animal. To get around this, some brands of dog food advertise that their food has been made from animal derivatives, which means they use whatever ingredients are cheapest at the time of production. This labelling means the manufacturer can use any type of meat that is regarded as waste and unfit for human consumption. In other words, your pup could be chowing down any form of meat that consists of unspecified ingredients. In most instances, the likes of fur, feathers, internal organs, and feet are ground down at high temperatures and added to your pet’s food. So, the best dog food on the market will avoid misleading labelling, ensuring you know precisely what is in your dog’s food. 

Consider how appetising it sounds 

There’s nothing worse than picking up a label only to read that the dog food in your hands contains a huge range of unnatural additives, preservatives, and flavourings. Dog food should sound appetising, and the ingredients within should be capable of promoting a healthy lifestyle for your pet. Take kibble, for example. Some brands spray kibble with animal fat to make it tasty, which can lead to a whole host of weight problems for your dog. The ingredients in your dog’s food should be wholesome and natural, and if the product doesn’t sound appetising, this is a sign that you shouldn’t serve it up to your puppy.

The solution? Tailored food for your pup 

Every dog is different, so you will need to think about their lifestyle and characteristics when planning their exercise routine and diet. This is why Pure Pet Food’s plans for dogs are brilliant for puppies, as they take everything into account. All of Pure’s plans are packed with natural goodness and ensure your pooch is healthy and happy. Each recipe is personalised to your dog’s individual needs, which means you can rest assured that your pup is getting the nutrients and vitamins they need to thrive. 

To develop the ideal plan for your pup, you can submit their personal details, including their age, lifestyle, and any ailments they have. This enables Pure to create a diet plan and portion size that is ideal for your dog. Switching your dog to a wholesome and natural diet will help them live their best possible life and will ensure they’re happier, friendlier, and healthier. What’s not to love about that?