Vastu Shastra: Washing hands in the plate after eating food can cause defects in the house; know why

Impression Resource : FREEPIK Vastu Shastra: Washing fingers in the plate after having meals can result in defects in the home know why

Vastu Shastra: Normally moments men and women wash their fingers on the plate right after ingesting. But palms need to hardly ever be washed on the plate of food items. According to spiritual beliefs, washing palms on a plate of meals is deemed inauspicious. By washing arms on the plate, the remaining food in it is disrespected. Maa Lakshmi and Annapurna are irritated by washing their fingers on the plate of foods. Due to this, there is poverty in the home. In the scriptures also Agni is considered the key deity.

It is believed that the material available in the yajna is received by the deities in the form of meals. That is why foods is deemed to be of terrific significance. Apart from this, insulting meals is also considered a sin in many Puranas.

Mother Annapurna will get angry

Washing fingers on the plate provides disrespect to the food stuff left in it. Also, this angers Goddess Annapurna and Goddess Lakshmi. The reason powering not undertaking so is also specified in the scriptures. Thus foodstuff must hardly ever be insulted.

Hold these factors in brain even though taking in

Normally retain the plate of food on the mat, pat or square with regard. Apart from this, the plate of foods ought to by no means be held with 1 hand. It is considered that by holding the plate with 1 hand, the meals goes into the phantom vagina. At the identical time, leaving the leftovers in the plate is also considered inauspicious.

It is claimed in the scriptures to meditate on God just before meals. It is explained that although feeding on food stuff, anger, conversation or weird seems must not be produced.

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