The Best Cage for Rabbits? You Won’t Find It in a Pet Store!

Let us get major about rabbit cages. The ones they provide at the pet retail outlet? They are actually too little for your rabbits. 

Rabbits need to have place to operate and soar all-around. And that’s not even together with their physical exercise requirements. They may be modest, but they have to have a large amount of room. 

In this report, you will study what kind of enclosures are appropriate for rabbits. Let’s get into it!

Do Rabbits Have to have a Cage?

If your rabbits are totally free to roam in your residence, then you do not actually want a cage for them, until your rabbits are like mine and like their cage. Generally, all you require is their enclosure or just a key station for them. 

That explained, it does assistance to start off out applying the cage. If you come across that your rabbit is not likely in there, just clear away it. 

Should You Allow Indoor Rabbits Be No cost Roam?

It’s much superior for your rabbit to be totally free to roam. Even though it’s a widespread practice for rabbits to be cooped up in a smaller cage, it is not good for them. Rabbits need to have place to transfer all around and work out.

Of system, it is not always achievable to no cost-roam your rabbits, but it’s important that they at least have time in a day to run all around the property/place or have obtain to a sizable workout enclosure.

How Significant Must an Indoor Rabbit’s Cage Be?

The “right size” for a rabbit cage will count on your rabbit’s dimensions (or how big it will mature) and how several rabbits you have.

Your rabbit’s cage ought to be prolonged adequate for 3-4 hops which arrives down to all over 4.5 ft for modest breeds and 6 feet for big/big breeds. It ought to also be vast ample for your rabbit to stretch out in, with home to spare for a litter box, hay feeder, and your rabbit’s dishes.

For an precise overview of how significantly space your rabbit needs, check out this manual.

How a lot time does your rabbit shell out in a cage?

If your rabbit spends a ton of time in their cage with only a number of several hours of absolutely free roaming a day, then they should really have a roomy cage. But, if your bunny has totally free access to the residence 24/7 and the cage is only used as the primary station, then it doesn’t have to be really big – as extended as it can healthy all the requirements these types of as hay, bowls, litter box, and a mattress.

Very best Indoor Cages for Rabbits

The rabbit cages you commonly see in pet retailers are undoubtedly not the very best cages for rabbits. Listed here are some way better recommendations. 

Better alternatives to little pet shop cages

Playpen (My Personalized Suggestion)

My individual advice is to use a pet playpen. It has sufficient room for your rabbit to hop and operate close to, the areas among the bars are not large plenty of for escape tries, and they are uncomplicated to go all-around and reshape.

Playpens also have a tendency to be considerably more cost-effective than pet retail outlet cages though supplying appreciably much more area.

Here are some suggestions:

Additionally, you can carry it exterior so your rabbit can get some contemporary air and grass. Just address the top rated to stop any predators from swooping in and offer shade.

Large Canine Crate

Extra significant puppy crates produced for large canine breeds (54 inches very long) have adequate room for a common-sized rabbit. On the other hand, you will want to appear for just one with no substantial gaping separations involving every single bar. It is substantially easier for rabbits (even bigger types) to escape than you’d believe. 

You can also wrap hen wire about the bottom, but that is a much less aesthetically satisfying solution. But what I really like about puppy crates is that they generally arrive with trays which make great bottoms that are tremendous straightforward to clean up.

Pet dog crates are a superior solution if you need a included cage whilst they can be fairly costly.

Diy Enclosures With Snap-On Grids

With C&C grids, you can customize how your rabbit cage appears to be and how major it is. This is a fantastic low-cost way to assure your rabbits have enough place. 

You can make it to match the area you have. For occasion, if you have an awkward L-formed space wherever another enclosure would not match, you can make a cage with grids to fit that space.

Do-it-yourself Multi-Amount Condominium

If you want to give your rabbits plenty of space, but you really do not have a good deal of room, develop upwards. This offers your rabbits the space they want, without taking up much too substantially flooring house. 

Develop a rabbit condominium with multiple concentrations making use of grids or even wooden. Use tiles on the base of every degree and easy-to-climb ramps.

What to Use as a Cage Flooring

Now, most of the kinds of indoor cages for rabbits that I’ve proposed here do not appear with flooring. So, you’ll have to have to defend your floors. Listed here are some options:

  • vinyl flooring that will come in rolls cut to dimension
  • splat mats
  • whelping mats
  • rolled linoleum flooring
  • laminate flooring tiles
  • area security sheets
  • large plastic canine kennel trays

What Forms of Cages to Stay clear of

Rabbit cages to avoid

Now, never be fooled by all the rabbit cages you see in pet suppliers. Numerous of them are basically horrible dwelling spaces for rabbits. They don’t have just about more than enough home! Here’s what to avoid when it will come to indoor rabbit cages. 

Pet Store Cages 

Pet keep cages are often significantly way too compact, even for smaller rabbits. There is no home to hop around or transfer. The only occasion that this would be satisfactory is if utilized as the main station for a free of charge-roam rabbit. 

Aquariums / Fish Tanks

Aquariums, even gigantic tanks are no fantastic for rabbits. This is generally in which pet stores use to preserve the rabbits. But here’s the point. Aquariums never have any air circulation, which inhibits your bunny’s respiratory. 

Wire-Base Cages

While it might seem to be cleaner, it is not superior for your rabbit. The wire bottoms harm their toes and pose a enormous hazard of receiving a toenail snagged. 


Rabbit hutches may be the prettiest solution, but undoubtedly not the ideal. Not only are they mostly not large sufficient for your rabbits, but they’re complicated to clean up as the wood soaks up the pee. 

Benefits of Absolutely free Roaming As a substitute of Living in a Cage

There are a plethora of positive aspects to no cost-roaming your rabbits. I do not imagine I require to inform you that obtaining place to run around will usually be superior than staying cooped up in a modest cage. 

Tends to make a Happier Rabbit

Rabbits that have all the space to operate all-around are generally happier than types stuck in a cage. Just like individuals, rabbits have to have work out and motion to release endorphins like dopamine. If not, your rabbits could grow to be depressed. 

Stops Joint, Muscle, and Bone Difficulties

Apart from your psychological wellbeing, standard training will help rabbits to keep cellular for extended. Rabbits stored in cages for their life are a lot far more likely to create mobility concerns and joint agony. Staying energetic prevents these concerns from taking place.  

Preserving Your Rabbit Fit 

Obviously, not getting energetic drives the chance of weight problems up for your rabbit. You have to move to be ready to continue to be suit. Rabbits that never have everywhere to workout will consider up eating to reduce boredom, which, in switch, will induce them to attain body weight. 

How to Totally free Roam Your Rabbits

Free roaming rabbits

No cost roaming your rabbit can be tough, given that each rabbit is diverse. Some rabbits get the memo quickly. Some others will take weeks to regulate. The most critical factor is to make them truly feel safe and sound and cozy out in the open, in particular if they’re not utilized to currently being outdoors of a cage.

Immediately after that, you only need to fear about a few things: 

If not, you WILL be living in squalor.

Developing a Most important Station

Your rabbit’s most important station does not have to be a cage. It can be a corner in the most important home of your property. Go with no matter what your rabbits are at ease with. 

I nonetheless use my rabbit’s cage as his principal station. I did test to get rid of it, but I consider he likes the protection of it when he’s sleeping and eating. But, my older rabbit did not will need a cage at all. 

In the key station you are going to want:

  • a mattress,
  • food items and water dishes,
  • a litter box,
  • a hay feeder.

Litter Coaching Your Rabbits

Ordinarily, litter teaching rabbits is rather quick. Rabbits are inherently clean animals. Specifically, if you commence them young, they’ll take to it a great deal a lot quicker. Older rabbits could choose a little much more time. 

Commence by putting the litter box exactly where your rabbits are now carrying out their business enterprise. To entice them even further, scoop some of their poops or soiled bedding into the litter box. The scent will signal to your rabbits that this is where by to go. 

You can also entice them to use the litter box by placing a hay feeder beside the box so they can graze. However, in my knowledge, this can also make your rabbits never ever want to go away their litter box!

Closing Ideas

As you can see, the most effective cages for rabbits are not cages at all! Distinctive fencing these kinds of as pet playpens, C&C storage grids, and dog crates all make a a great deal much better home for your bunny than the little rabbit cages offered in pet merchants.

Instead of preserving rabbits confined in compact cages most of their life, they really should have sufficient area to go, operate all-around and use up their energy. Rabbits are incredibly energetic animals that never belong in little cages.

Ideally, a rabbit would be equipped to free of charge-roam all around the bunny-proofed house most of the time. If cost-free-roaming is not an possibility for you, then a substantial playpen with day-to-day supervised exercise time outside the house of their enclosure is also a very good alternative.

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