Pros and Cons Of Slow Feeder Dog Bowls

At any time considering that we brought Lou home, he’s been a speed eater. As quickly as his bowl of food was set down, he would gobble it down. 

I didn’t know he was heading to be a speed eater, so all I had was frequent stainless steel puppy bowls for him. 

I imagined perhaps that he would mature out of it for the reason that he was a puppy, but he did not so now all of Lou’s foods are fed to him in a gradual feeder pet bowl. 

If you’ve been asking yourself if you ought to make investments in a slow feeder dog bowl for your pup or pet, we have damaged down all the professionals and drawbacks of incorporating a sluggish feeder bowl to your dog’s feeding timetable which include what pet dogs need to use a gradual feeder bowl, if a product or service like this is great a good selection for a canine or puppy dog that eats far too quick and how slow feeder goods do the job.

What Is a Sluggish Feeder Pet dog Bowl?

A gradual feeder bowl is a products that is intended with obstacles to help gradual down your pet when they are taking in much too speedy. 

There are several different measurements and models of gradual-feeder doggy bowls obtainable to pet dog house owners.

There are bowls built for puppies, adult canines, senior dogs, smaller dogs and large puppies.

Sluggish feeder bowls are designed with slow feeding on in mind! 

They have designed-in ridges, grooves, pockets and/or lifted parts that assist to hold your dog or doggy from taking in their food in seconds. 

blue slow feeder bowl for big dogs


Slow feeder bowls are type of like puzzles like canine. 

As an alternative of smashing their confront into an open bowl of meals, they have to lick or scoop out the food together the route and impediment of the bowl. 

Considering the fact that they have to think about this and be type of correct with their mouth, it normally takes them extended to consume. 

Are Sluggish Feeders Fantastic for Dogs?

You betcha!

Gradual feeder pet dog bowls are a fantastic alternative to help pet dogs that have bad having patterns.

A number of gains that gradual feeder bowls offer you to canine are:

  • support with widespread actions troubles viewed in puppies these kinds of as resource guarding
  • enable to lower the prospects of pet dog bloat
  • minimize and/or prevent acid reflux
  • decreases the risk of choking
  • decreases vomiting
  • cuts down vomiting in canine
  • supplies mental stimulation for puppies and senior puppies

Sluggish feeder bowls can also be used with raw pet food or kibble building them a functional feeding tool for all puppy homeowners. 

Do These Bowls Seriously Operate For Canines?

In my particular practical experience, they do!

I have used a slow feeder bowl with Lou at any time considering that he was a pet and I seen how rapid he ate.

Getting a feed that is at risk for canine bloat was a large problem for me and a widespread pet dog behavior that I required to put a quit to as shortly as probable.

slow feeder insert in dog bowl

Does Your Dog Have to have a Gradual Feeder Pet Bowl?

Not just about every canine needs a slow-feeder dog bowl.

I have 3 puppies and only a single pet inhales his food stuff so only one particular pet employs a sluggish feeder bowl.

If you assume your dog is consuming too speedily then a slow feeder bowl might be what you need.

Right before you make investments in a slow feeder bowl or make your possess Do-it-yourself sluggish-feeder canine bowl, it’s crucial to determine if they definitely want it.

If your dog is feeding on far too speedy, the initially step is to take a appear all-around and figure out the purpose why they’re feeding on like this

There are a ton of motives why canines try to eat also quickly but some of the more widespread motives are:

Prevalent Good reasons Why Pet dogs Try to eat Also Fast:

  • Hunger. Some dogs are extra hungry than other folks, specifically puppies. If your pet or doggy is acts tremendous hungry and they’re not gaining fat, you need to check how substantially you are feeding primarily based on their age, pounds and breed. Access out to your veterinarian if you have any queries or fears. 
  • Overall health troubles. There are many fundamental well being concerns that can trigger puppies to be a lot more hungry than they ought to. These include but are not confined to parasites, thyroid troubles, diabetic issues and Cushings. 
  • Competitors. If you have far more than a person dog like me, one particular of your pet dogs might think it is a video game to see who can try to eat the fastest and get exterior the fastest. I feed my puppies in independent regions to stay away from challenges like this but they are not at the rear of shut doors so they nonetheless know that they are all having at the same time. 

DIY slow feeder bowl for puppy

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On the reverse conclude, some dogs that consume as well gradual or really don’t demonstrate curiosity in their food stuff could possibly also gain from a sluggish feeder simply because it represents a obstacle for them. 

If none of these items seem like your pet but they even now eat rapidly, a slow feeder is nevertheless a good selection.

Why Must Canines Consume Slower Above More rapidly?

When pet dogs consume also rapidly they gulp down as well a lot. 

This air that they swallow makes its way into their abdomen. 

Far too considerably air in the belly can trigger pain and even worse, it can induce the tummy to bloat. 

When the stomach bloat from way too substantially air, it can twist.

This twist is termed GDV or gastric dilated volvulus and when this transpires it cuts off blood source to the rest of the dog’s overall body which can be fatal. 

Even a smaller amount of air can cause canine farts or dog burps. 

In addition to air in the abdomen, pet dogs that take in too fast can also choke on their meals, vomit or gag. 

Can Puppies Use Slow Feeder Bowls?


Lou has employed a gradual feeder bowl considering that he was 10 months back. 

I experienced to invest in various sizes as he grew, but which is the way he’s constantly eaten his meals.

If you start off your puppy off eating from a sluggish feeder bowl, you will almost certainly have to upgrade to even bigger sizes as they expand. 


Execs and Negatives of Gradual Feeder Doggy Bowls

As with any dog product, gradual feeder dog bowls have their very own established of pros and disadvantages and they will not operate for each individual puppy.

Even so, when employed effectively and for the proper puppy gradual feeder bowls have many execs!

Professionals Of Sluggish Feeder Bowls For Pet dogs

  • Slows down a dog from having way too fast
  • Reduces gas and air in the dog’s belly which in convert cuts down the possibility of doggy bloat in some breeds.
  • Delivers stimulation
  • Decreases choking, gagging and vomiting
  • Portion control. If your dog desires to go on eating plan, slow feeder bowls make it simple to portion out their food stuff. It will also get your canine lengthier to eat their meals which will make you sense much less responsible about feeding a smaller sized sum.

blue slow feeder for large dogs

Drawbacks Of Slow Feeder Bowls For Dogs

  • They can be highly-priced. Slow feeder dog bowls are most pricey than primary canine meals bowls and you might have to acquire them a lot more usually as your canine grows.
  • Some dogs just are not likely to use them. Some dogs will just flip them above and consume the food off the floor, which will continue to gradual them down!
  • Dogs with flat faces may well have extra issues applying a gradual fooder for the reason that of the restricted areas. In cases like this, it may possibly be much more efficient to make your individual gradual-feeder or use a lick mat or snuffle mat. 
  • Slow feeders can be a lot more of a problem to find for massive dogs. There are tons of gradual feeders on the current market but only a handful are produced for large breed pet dogs.
  • Can in fact discourage some pet dogs. Some dogs may well be discouraged with a sluggish feeder doggy bowl specifically if they’re a senior pet dog. It is vital to start off slow and match the bowl to the canine. 

What Kind Of Gradual Feeder Bowl Really should You Get?

Slow feeder canine bowls appear in a huge variety of fashion, styles and supplies and selecting a person out may well be demo and error at first. 

I went through fairly a couple in the starting with Lou!

There are plastic, ceramic, stainless steel and even sluggish feeder inserts that you can get for your existing doggy bowls. 

There are even slow feeder Neater Feeder!

The sort of bowl you get will tremendously count on your dog’s sizing, age and feeding on practices. 

I did not have luck with the slow feeder inserts. They didn’t remain trapped to the bowl and they weren’t major adequate. 

puppy slow feeder bowl

I found a really fantastic slow feeder bowl for Lou when he was a pet at Petco and I purchased 4 of them. ( just a observe to my fellow Newfie house owners, the large is fantastic for a Newfie puppy (3-6 months) but is not major adequate for an grownup Newfie.)

When he outgrew individuals I went with this one from Outward Hound

The only caution I would use with ceramic sluggish feeder puppy bowls is that I have listened to of enthusiastic canine breaking or chipping their teeth. 

When Ought to a Canine Slow Feeder Be Utilized?

If you have made a decision that a gradual feeder bowl is the way to go for your puppy, it should be used just about every time that they’re fed. 

It is recommended to feed most adult dogs 2 times a day, the moment in the early morning and the moment in the night.

Their everyday feeding guideline ought to be broken up into 2 feedings. 

For case in point, Lou gets fed 4 cups of food items a working day right now so he will get 2  cups of food in the early morning and 2 cups of foodstuff at meal time. 

His foods is put into his gradual feeder bowl along with his health supplements. 

large and small blue slow feeder bowl for dog

Closing Thoughts

Not every single pet dog wants a sluggish feeder bowl but some canine can definitely reward from them. 

Lou is my very first-pace eater so until he displays symptoms of slowing down his having routines as he will get more mature, I’ll continue to use 1 for him. 

I’m a small addicted to all the enjoyment sluggish feeders that are out on the sector but I attempt to make smart buys since not all gradual feeders are designed for significant canines. 

I only endorse and endorse items that I personally use or products that appear extremely advisable by my friends. Remember to really do not invest dollars on any of these items except if you believe that they are best for you and your Newfoundland. Examine our full privateness policy here.



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