Phoebe had a lust for life: Pet Tribute

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Phoebe Marchuk

Boxer mix

Passed away on April 16, 2021

We lost our Phoebe April 16, 2021. She had advanced kidney failure and it took its toll on her love for food and lust for life. Anyone who knew her would remember how she’d instantly appear at your side if you walked into the kitchen or opened the fridge; she was so consistent that her nickname was “Front Row Joe.”

We had her for her last 5 and a half years, a rescue from the streets who was severely malnourished and required medical attention for several health ailments.

She came from a rough life before she came into ours; you could tell by the way she didn’t trust anyone, or put up with anything. She had severe food aggression and even lashed out at us at first (and even bit holes in one of my ukuleles – but that’s another story). My wife, Carol, never gave up on her and they developed a special bond, a testament to the power of love and perseverance. Phoebe eventually became a loyal house protector and a sweetheart to visitors in our circle, monopolizing any open lap.

She was a good girl and we are thankful to have shared the time together we had. Our pets are closer to us in a much different way than our friends and family. They are not only a constant and loyal part of our daily lives, but a reminder for us to live here, live now – as they do.

We’ll miss you, sweet Phoebe.

Sam Marchuk,

Willoughby Hills

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