Let us all wag our tails for Rosie! Pawstruck’s October Pet of the Month! This sweet gal is a 2-calendar year-previous tricolor English Setter, triple the colors equals triple the cuteness! Her pet moms and dads hardly ever leave the dwelling with out their trusty companion, and they rave she would make the very best journey buddy.

Some of her frequent activities include hiking, napping, fetching sticks in the h2o, or chasing birds and chipmunks. She does not like to brag but she is an official member of The Squirrel Patrol (see the under photo for verification).

Rosie loves to swim! It’s by significantly her favorite thing to do. She can’t pass up the possibility to soar in creeks and rivers on her hikes. She also loves traveling to her grandpa on the lake exactly where of program she will get to clearly show off her swim capabilities as performing initial mate of the boat.

One particular of Rosie’s distinctive techniques is scent work. She is in training to put together for the Odor Recognition Test which will permit her to compete in scent do the job trials. Being an lovely chicken puppy offers her an specifically eager push for scent get the job done. Building smelling even the very low odor bully sticks a stroll in the park!

(Did an individual say Walk?!)

Rosie’s BFF/Ride or dig is her cousin Maya. They enjoy staying at “Camp Grandpa” besides for the component where Maya likes to steal Rosie’s Pawstruck meaty bones. Luckily for us Maya is aware of far better than to appear near her favorite… Bully Sticks!

Rosie unquestionably enjoys Pawstruck’s Bully Sticks. She has a typical appointment begging for her future stick in front of the unique cupboard in which the bully sticks are kept!

We want to demonstrate Rosie and her relatives how exclusive she is to our Pawstruck Pack, so we commissioned a digital painting of her that genuinely highlights her natural splendor!

Look at it out and let us know what you assume in the responses portion down below.

Do you want your fur-child to be upcoming month’s Pet of the Month? Just submit a picture or two of your pet having fun with their favorite Pawstruck address to [email protected] and get the chance to be decided on!

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