London Man Takes Supermarket To Court For Denying His Service Cat

A London person, Ian Fenn, is having supermarket large Sainsbury’s to court docket over what he believes to be a breach of the Equality Act of 2010. This legislation states that shop homeowners must offer “reasonable changes, so men and women with disabilities are not seriously deprived.” And seriously deprived is precisely how Fenn’s interaction with a regional Sainsbury shop workers still left him feeling.

Fenn was diagnosed with autism two decades back at the age of forty-nine. As 1 can think about, this was really the shocking diagnosis. For some time, he felt doubtful how he would proceed with each day functions, this kind of as grocery browsing. Then enters Chloe.


Chloe is a twelve-year-old domestic shorthair who serves as a assist animal for Fenn. She can help in a lot of techniques, such as waking him up in the morning or aiding him know when to go to mattress in the evenings. She also will allow Fenn to go out in community areas much more very easily, enabling him to emphasis on her alternatively than on what he describes as an in any other case unbearable atmosphere.

“I get sensory overload in fast paced environments and are inclined to shut down. But with Chloe, I can aim on her.” – Ian Fenn

Chloe has been permitted entry into most areas for the past two several years without having difficulty. Alongside one another, the pair have visited aquariums, restaurants, pubs, zoos, community transit, and even hospitals. Chloe will typically wear a shiny yellow “Service Cat” vest and is kept on a leash, though she will usually trip atop Fenn’s shoulders.


Fenn has gone to wonderful lengths to guarantee that he can get her out in general public. According to Fenn, she is totally vaccinated and has even undergone treatment method to limit human-to-cat allergy symptoms. Fenn will often simply call or message a business enterprise ahead of his stop by to make certain that there will be no problem with Chloe’s entrance. This is one of the many points that built the incident with Sainsbury’s especially irritating.

Fenn clarifies that he experienced messaged this certain area via Twitter just before his check out to make certain that Chloe would be authorized to enter the shop. In his own text, he was explained to to “come on in” and was promised that there would be no challenges. And why would he suspect normally? Chloe had visited two other Sainsbury destinations with Fenn prior!

As the pair have been searching for duck paste, a member of the store’s stability crew approached and explained to Fenn that he had to possibly leave Chloe exterior or go away the retailer solely. Fenn calmly explained to the worker that the Equality Act allowed Chloe to be there. He also talked about at this time that he had permission from the keep by way of social media for her to be there with him.


He tried to demonstrate that Chloe is a service animal who aids with his autism. However, the retailer staff were having none of it. Fenn grew to become so rattled from the come upon that he checked out for the things in his cart and left abruptly.

“I finished up getting to be very upset. I acquired to the position wherever I could not actually remember why I was in the store and what I necessary to buy,” says Fenn, “It impacted my self-assurance appreciably. I stayed in the property for two months prior to I obtained the assurance back again to go out.”

Sainsbury responded to Fenn’s allegations of discrimination by citing their problem for food protection:

“We want to be an inclusive retailer the place individuals adore to do the job and store and have an understanding of that some of our colleagues and customers may possibly will need assist in our shops.”, explained Sainsbury’s, “At the similar time, protection is our optimum precedence, and our colleagues are educated to stability sustaining our large foodstuff cleanliness expectations with supporting all our shoppers who store with us. We are in get hold of with the area environmental overall health staff to see if there are ways we can assist Mr. Fenn to visit our retail store without the need of compromising this.”

Adhering to the incident, Fenn has employed renowned incapacity law firm Chris Fry to file a lawsuit again the grocery store, citing a breach of the Equality Act.

“The crucial and essential principles are that services vendors have a lawful obligation to give affordable changes to accommodate disabled buyers.” – Disability Attorney Chris Fry


Fenn has noticed tremendous aid from cat-lovers around the globe and has even set up a JustGiving account to accumulate “fighting funds” for the pair’s authorized costs.

Even though Mr. Fenn was not thrilled with the idea of heading to courtroom, he firmly believes that this is the very best way to bring consciousness to the challenges at hand. He hopes that his initiatives will let other individuals with disabilities to have larger freedoms for their individual remedy animals.

“This is how we get things changed. This is how we get the obtain we need to have.” – Ian Fenn

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