Is it OK for kittens to eat adult cat chow, and vice versa?

Dear JOAN: I am transferring and when the transfer is complete I will get a kitten. I by now have a cat.

If I set kitten food down and common food stuff for the older cat, is there a superior possibility they will take in every other’s food stuff? And if so, is there any hurt to that?

Sue, Harmony

Expensive SUE: If you provide up each kitten and grownup food stuff, probabilities are the grownup will try to eat most of the kitten foodstuff along with the adult meals, which could end result in a cat with a pounds challenge and a kitten not having all the strengths it requires.

Kitten foods tends to be greater in calories, but it also incorporates some vital vitamins and minerals that a expanding kitten demands. It will not harm the adult cat to take in kitten food, other than consuming the more energy, but the kitten undoubtedly shouldn’t be ingesting food stuff formulated for adult cats.

It would be greatest to feed them in individual rooms and decide up the food right after they’ve eaten. That could be difficult mainly because cats, as opposed to puppies that immediately wolf down their food and lick their bowls clear, tend to be nibblers, taking in a minor now and a minor later on.