Is Dog Cancer Curable? Treat The Whole Dog Holistically.

What Holistic Therapies Can Do For Your Puppy With Cancer

Is Pet Most cancers Curable? It is dependent on what you signify. If you signify, “Can all the destruction from vaccines, GMOs, polluted h2o, EMF radiation, and junk food stuff be reversed, and can the dog be reinstated back again to a pristine precancerous situation?”, then the respond to is not only NO. But, virtually undoubtedly, that reversal will hardly ever be possible. As the nursery rhyme places it, Humpty Dumpty took a slide, and all the king’s horses and all the king’s gentlemen couldn’t set Humpty jointly again. Time simply cannot be reversed with out turning back each molecule in the universe.

Lymphoma, Osteosarcoma, Melanomas, Mast Mobile Tumors, Hemangiosarcoma

However, if the question is, “Can a puppy with any kind of most cancers, even state-of-the-art stage Lymphoma, Osteosarcoma, Melanoma, Mast Cell Tumors, Hemangiosarcoma, any cancerous or precancerous problem, can a canine that is mortally unwell have its life extended?, have its quality of daily life raised with holistic therapies? the answer is indeed for pretty much all canine with cancer. The exceptions are pet dogs with only a several months or less to live. Therapeutic usually takes some reserved electricity. The king’s males did not have Tremendous Glue. That damaged shell can be glued again jointly if it is not crushed and harmed beyond maintenance. The repaired shell is not the very same as an unbroken shell, but it is much excellent to a beloved member of the household suffering, unfortunate, and pleading for assistance. Modern dietary science can set the joy back again in the cancerous dog’s daily life, put the sparkle again in its eyes, and have the doggy seem and come to feel great. This can typically be achieved even if the cancerous progress doesn’t regress. With a extensive, holistic protocol, Irritation will go down, and the cancer will possibly cease increasing or increase really gradually.

Is There Wonder Treatment?

Prevent the Carcinogens!

You may be wondering, What is this miracle treatment? The response is far more detailed than just one particular or even a couple wonder therapies. The initially step is to prevent doing what will cause cancer. Stop spraying your lawn, for a single. Surprise! Surprise! Of course, garden spray is carcinogenic. End executing something carcinogenic. Business family cleaning goods. Indeed, they are nearly all carcinogenic. Cease the vaccines. OMG, be sure to halt the vaccines! The Conventional of care is in no way to vaccinate a unwell or pressured animal (or human). Their immune methods do not have the reserve to reply, and the shock from the aluminum, formaldehyde, and other malefic in vaccines worsens puppy most cancers. Prevent the Revolution-design and style heartworm poisons. Pet dog cancer is a a great deal greater situation than the menace of heartworm. The expense-gain examination shows that the price is substantially larger than the advantage.

The aforesaid is the end, stop, and desist of placing poor stuff in. End placing carcinogenic substances in, on, and about your puppy. Who realized the highway to restoration was so straightforward and so simple. First, halt incorporating and exposing your canine to most cancers-resulting in substances. Upcoming, change the bad stuff with secure, non-poisonous cleaners and shampoos, with foods that are not genetically modified and supplements that are normal foods-based nutrition with a heritage of lowering Irritation and raising immune competence.


There are nutritional supplements and supplemental protocols that have a scientific and scientific history of increasing a dog’s immune competence and, in lots of conditions bringing canines again from the brink of demise.

We have properly addressed countless numbers of canine with many immune-related concerns. “Successfully” means that pretty much all dogs’ good quality of everyday living went way up, they seemed and acted normally, and the puppy lived way lengthier than the vet predicted. Of system, based on the situations, some puppies received very, pretty great results. But all pet dogs benefitted.

“Three-month update for my 10lb terrier blend, Tia, diagnosed with innovative lymphoma and lung CA in January. These days she received an ultrasound and comply with-up chest X-ray. The ultrasound confirmed NO enlargement of any lymph glands they were being substantially enlarged in January. The chest X-ray showed the lung CA was unchanged, no better BUT no worse. A few months back, Tia experienced an intermittent cough, shaking, and panting. She has not experienced those signs or symptoms in two months. I continued to be incredibly inspired by the effects of fenbendazole and Highly developed Immunity Gold. I am indebted to this forum and internet site.” 

-Mary B (Vitality Science Consumer)

Ranking: 5 out of 5.

What Is The Fenbendazole Protocol?

Our Innovative Immune Gold Protocol enables for the addition of Fenbendazole (the Joe Tippens protocol). Fenbendazole is an anti-worm drug lots of people today are working with along with the elements in Advanced Immune Gold. (Notice: We do not market Fenbendazole and do not contain it in the package deal. Even though, it is greatly accessible on the web and is the main component in the anti-worm drug Panacur).

The Fenbendazole Protocol, also known as the Joe Tippens protocol, is based mostly on a scientific study that integrated dietary supplements and Fenbendazole and uncovered this protocol prevented lab animals from finding cancer. All the nutritional supplements and much more are involved in the Sophisticated Immune Gold. See underneath, such as attachments, for full details:

Advanced Immune Gold Protocol

The Sophisticated Immune Gold Protocol includes:

  • Vital Pet Lipids
  • Hemp Oil
  • Celloquent Gold

These merchandise are created to raise immune competence with or with no Fenbendazole (Panacur). The dietary building blocks of holistic most cancers administration.

(1) The Budwig Protocol: A mix of EFAs (crucial fatty acids, these kinds of as individuals located in tuna oil) and methionine and cysteine, two sulfur-bearing amino acids, Dr. Budwig mentioned this combination billed the cells like charging the two poles of a battery, Dr. Budwig suggested flax oil. But carnivores do not do nicely on vegetable oils. So we use fish oil.

Dr. Budwig advisable cottage cheese. But cats with immune-related problems are inclined to react to milk proteins. So alternatively, we use liver powder. Above forty years, Dr. Budwig handled hundreds of cancer sufferers in Germany and somewhere else in Europe making use of this protocol. Her scientific success was and is plain.

(2) The mitochondria aspect: The mitochondria are the power powerhouses of the cells. Each mobile functionality relies upon on the mitochondria. When the mitochondria are depleted, conditions of all sorts build, such as cat cancer and cat lymphoma. When the mitochondria are functioning optimally, disorders and suffering are rapidly lowered. PQQ, Pyrroloquinoline Quinone, is the only compound acknowledged to stimulate the output of new mitochondria. Likewise, COQ 10 raises the strength levels of the mitochondria. Together, these two dietary supplements provide speedy and dramatic restoration of your dog’s strength concentrations.

(3) Modified citrus pectin is a one of a kind and helpful complement created from orange peels. Surprisingly, it retains most cancers cells from sticking jointly. Most cancers cells are sticky. When made slippery, the cancerous cells come to be uncomplicated targets for the immune method thoroughly clean-up crew.

(4) Far more nutritional tremendous troopers widely identified for their immune program assist: Arabinogalactan (Larch tree drinking water-soluble fiber), aloe vera (interior leaf), ascorbyl palmitate ( fats-soluble vitamin C), vitamin K2, zinc carnosine, bromelain, enzymes (whole spectrum), spirulina, hemp oil and lactoferrin (derived from milk).

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