How To Safely Remove Small Mats From Your Dog’s Hair (No Cutting Needed!)

Even with day-to-day grooming, you may possibly find a mat hiding behind your dog’s ear, under their armpit or concealed in the groin spot.  These are typical parts wherever friction can bring about pet hair to tangle. Here’s a really straightforward hack that we set to the take a look at utilizing corn starch and a simple doggy comb. 

As Newfie owners, we all know that at some point in time our puppies are going to get mats and tangles. 

It is a point of residing the Newfie everyday living. 

You are Newfie is heading to get some mats no subject how a lot you brush, comb, bathe or choose them to the groomer. 

You’re not a poor operator when this comes about. 

Repeat that to you!

You’re. Not. A. Bad. Dog. Proprietor. If. Your. Dog. Has. A. Mat. 

Typical Regions That Pet dog Mats Kind

When mats in pet dog hair can come about anywhere, they most typically happen in areas where a large amount of friction takes place this sort of as:

  • driving the ears
  • the armpits
  • the groin
  • on the belly 
  • leg hair (on Newfies, if they have very long furnishings on their entrance legs, that hair can easily mat-just talk to Odin!)

Now, there are tons of detangling solutions readily available to puppy proprietors that make detangling and de-matting our pet dogs quick but these days we’re going to talk about strategies that you can remove a mat by just grabbing a common staple that you almost certainly already have in your cabinet. 

dog mat behind dog's ear

Before we shift any more I want to make it apparent that this uncomplicated way to take away mats from your pet is meant to be utilised on tiny mats. 

This is not for extreme hair matting that comes about on the butt, like yak butt. 

With critical matting, your ideal wager is to consider your canine to a qualified pet groomer to have that are de-matted. 

This is going to be the very best solution for the pet dog. 

There is no motive to let a pet dog endure via hours of pulling on a mat that is stuck to its pores and skin. 

Really do not be ashamed or ashamed, just get it taken care of. 

cornstarch on mat in dog's hair

Other Frequent Causes Of Puppy Mats

When friction is the most popular induce of pet dog mats forming there are a few other will cause this kind of as:

Seasonal matting

This is common when breeds with a double coat blow their coat. If the free fur is currently being brushed out, it can result in the hair to mat.


Pet dogs with environmental or foodstuff allergic reactions are likely to lick their skin a good deal. 

This licking can result in mats to form in the parts that are bothering them like the belly, legs, ears or groin. 


Canine that go swimming a whole lot or get wet a good deal are prone to matting if they are not dried effectively or brushed frequently just after being wet. 

This is why it’s advisable to often examine your dog for mats before supplying them a bathtub. 

Water makes a doggy mat tighter!

cornstarch to remove dog mats

How To Safely and securely Get rid of Mats From Your Dog’s Coat With Cornstarch

To get rid of a little mat from guiding your dog’s ear or less than their entrance leg you will only need to have a several supplies:

Provides Wanted To Eliminate a Little Mat

  • Baking soda
  • Comb or slicker brush
  • Your fingers
  • Treats, a stuffed Toppl/Kong or one more man or woman to aid retain your puppy distracted
  • Towel for the ground

If you have a lick mat or an individual else to assistance distract your canine, that could be beneficial far too!

using cornstarch to remove mat from a dog's ear

  1. Hold the mat in your hand at the base of the mat (closest to your dog’s pores and skin). I like to gently pinch it with my thumb and index finger. 
  2. Sprinkle a pinch of cornstarch on the mat. 
  3. Allow the cornstarch sit on the mat for about 1 minute. 
  4. Starting up at the suggestion of the hair applying a comb or slicker brush and gently do the job the cornstarch toward the base of the mat.
  5. If the mat is not breaking up, increase a minor more cornstarch and comb. 
  6. Give your puppy some like
  7. After the mat is broken up, comb the spot with a vast-toothed comb to start with to make confident that the mat is in simple fact and then run the little-toothed aspect by the place. 

Other Recommendations For Preventing Mats In Your Dog’s Hair

Usually verify your pet for mats Prior to providing a tub. 

For Newfies, it’s a great idea to line comb them prior to a bath making positive to pay out near consideration to at the rear of their ears, underneath the front legs and their groin place. 

If a mat receives soaked, it’s only heading to get tighter and will be harder to remove. 

For several mats, significant mats or mats that are very limited to the skin, reach out to a expert. 

how to remove a small mat from dog hair

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If you really do not want to use cornstarch to get rid of a mat from your dog’s skin you can also dilute some conditioner and use the exact same process. 

I’ve employed diluted ProGro on mats right before and it operates properly. 

If you are relaxed with working with straight shears, you can of class just clip it out with scissors or clippers. 

I have been recognized to just snip out many modest ear mats without any concerns but mats that are near to the pores and skin can be a problem. 

Working with cornstarch to split up a mat is a terrific choice for any individual that does not sense snug clipping a mat. 

If your puppy routinely gets a number of free mats guiding their ears like Odin, make guaranteed to check people regions weekly and run a fantastic-toothed comb by it. 

I like to use my compact Bass comb for at the rear of the ears. 

Why Does Cornstarch Loosen Up Puppy Mats?


It’s type of bizarre that this is effective so effectively!

Folks say that cornstarch works well on matted pet dog hair simply because it absorbs excess oil and moisture, which is what is making the mat form.

A further furthermore of working with cornstarch is that it is also applied to absorb yucky odors too!

small pinch of cornstarch on a dog hair mat and let it sit for 60 seconds and then gently comb

Now I tackled 3 compact mats that experienced shaped underneath Odin’s ideal front leg in the armpit spot. 

I made use of the cornstarch on all 3 of them and it worked perfectly. 

You can see in the movie that Odin did not present any distress as I worked the mats out with the comb after letting the cornstarch sit on the hair mats for about 30-60 seconds. 

Odin’s hair mats were being tiny and loose which indicates they weren’t matted to the skin just far more modest matted tangles. 

The only con I can assume of when utilizing cornstarch to eliminate doggy hair mats is that it can be messy. 

I was donning black yoga trousers and a ton of cornstarch acquired on my pants but no big deal. 

If your dog is comfy with being on a grooming table, I do feel that it would be much better and easier for them to be standing on the table around being on the flooring. 

Satisfied de-matting!

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