How To Make Your Child Feel More Responsible Towards Pet Dog Care?

What steps should you take to encourage your child to take better care of your pet dog? Simply handing over the responsibility of taking care of the pet and expecting the child to complete it is not reasonable. Rather, you should come up with ideas and innovative approaches that will help your child understand the responsibilities better.

If you have more than one child in the house, you can easily create a competition where the child is asked to take good care of the pet dog. If the child takes good care, you can award prizes or give rewards. It may be something as simple as extra privileges during dinner or the freedom to watch TV sometime more.

Of course, don’t make it too competitive because you do not want the child to start hating the idea of taking care of the pet due to frequent losses. You can come up with different benchmarks and norms that should be complied with for taking proper care of the dog. From the appearance of the dog to feeding time – you can keep all these points under consideration.

The biggest advantage of such an approach is that the child will learn how to take proper care of the pet without even realizing it. Since privileges are at stake and even some extra pocket money is available, the child will put an extra effort to find out more about the pet.

The child will spend more time with the pet and will complete all other tasks on time so that the task for taking care of the pet does not lag behind. You just have to take the precaution of ensuring that there is not a huge difference in the level of care for the pet. If the pet is treated like a king on the first day and is treated like a servant on the second day by the other child, it is obviously going to create problems.

The basic idea is to ensure that the dog is taken care of properly. If this is not done, the entire exercise becomes futile. If you do not have more than one child in the house, you can serve as the other participant.

You can purposefully lose few days so that the child remains enthusiastic about the entire affair. As time goes by, you will look back at this innovative measure fondly and will understand how well it has helped your child take care of the pet dog better.

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