How to Litter Train Your Rabbit in 3 Easy Steps

Are you weary of cleansing pellets and pee off the floor? Do you want to let your rabbits have free of charge roam and will need to litter educate them?

Litter teaching rabbits is reasonably uncomplicated, specially with encounter. Whilst all rabbits are various, it only normally takes a few of months to sink in. 

In this article, you are going to find out all the things about litter instruction rabbits, from what to use to how to basically do it. Let’s get started out!

How Really hard Is It to Litter Teach a Rabbit?

In shorter, it’s not challenging to litter teach rabbits. Rabbits are naturally clean animals that tend to only “go” in one spot anyway. So, it’s basically rather easy. You just have to do it properly. 

That becoming mentioned, it is much easier to coach rabbits to pee in the box than it is for their pellets. Dropping pellets is considerably less controllable for rabbits than urination. 

Are Males or Girls Simpler to Litter Train?

If set and skilled early, there definitely is no difference in between a buck and doe in litter teaching. However, unaltered males are notoriously challenging to practice in my knowledge. They spray all over the place and make pretty a mess of the litterbox. 

Does a Rabbit’s Age Make a Variation?

Normally, it is finest to litter train rabbits as shortly as possible, but that doesn’t imply an aged rabbit cannot learn. It may perhaps just take longer, but even a senior rabbit can be litter trained with the suitable procedures.

Does Correcting Your Rabbit Make Litter Instruction Much easier?

Yes, correcting your rabbit will make a large distinction. It’s not difficult to litter practice an unaltered rabbit, I have carried out it many periods. However, it is a bit complicated, in particular for males.  

When you spay or neuter your rabbits, they will not spray and will be a lot considerably less territorial. That currently being explained, you will even now have to use separate litter boxes for your rabbits. Even soon after being fastened, some can nevertheless have territorial difficulties relating to the litter box. 

How Long Does It Acquire to Litter Teach Rabbits?

How long to litter train your rabbits

Litter coaching rabbits can just take months, depending on your rabbit. Some catch on promptly, when some others just take weeks of intensive training. The average time it takes to litter teach rabbits is all over two weeks. 

Equally my boys were being trained early, and they caught on rapidly. As Bubba has aged, he’s turn out to be considerably less bothered by getting messy with his litter box, but nonetheless pees in it. He’s pretty much 10, so I’m going to just give it to him. A small more cleansing won’t harm me, but retraining him may well worry him out at this age.  

How Numerous Litter Containers Do You Want to Litter Coach Your Rabbit?

Generally, you should have at the very least two litter bins for 1 rabbit. That’s a person litter box for their enclosure and an additional for when your rabbit is out and about in your home or in his operate. 

For totally free roam rabbits, I advise having just one litter box for each home your rabbit goes in. With several rabbits, that indicates obtaining just one per rabbit for each space. So, if you have two rabbits, that’s two litter packing containers in each space your rabbits go in. 

In which Ought to You Set Your Rabbit’s Litter Box?

Again, you must have just one litter box for each rabbit in every place of your property if your rabbits are free to roam. Commonly, rabbits want to “go” in the corner so that’s a good place to commence. 

If you enable rabbits absolutely free for a bit and never head obtaining to cleanse up what I call a “test mess,” they’ll explain to you particularly the place to set the litterbox. Yet again, not all rabbits can absolutely control their pellets, so you may well nevertheless have to thoroughly clean individuals up each day. 

Best Litter Containers for Litter Training Your Rabbit

When on the lookout for the ideal kind of litter box for your rabbit, there are only 3 things to look at: 

  1. A lot of area for your rabbit
  2. Can be cleaned quickly and easily
  3. Safeguards the bordering space

There are a large amount of distinct litter boxes for rabbits, but they come down to two classes. Let us see the distinctions between square and triangular litter boxes for rabbits.

Square Litter Bins

Sq. litter packing containers, like the Marshall Ferret Litter Pan are the norm. You can also use cat litter packing containers for rabbits. They are good for totally free-roam rabbits and much larger breeds simply because they’re good and roomy. 

As well as, the significant sides prevent spillovers and they’re quick to clear. The only draw back is that they’re rather significant and may possibly just take up a reasonable bit of area in each place, and they never neatly in good shape into corners. 

Triangular Litter Pans 

Triangular litter pans like the Kaytee Hi-Corner Litter Pan are great space-savers and occur in several dimensions to fit any rabbit breed and size beautifully. 

They’re also effortless to clean up and the higher back prevents any spills or sprays. But, the sides are lessen, which may possibly demand every day cleansing if you have a digger. 

Most effective Types of Rabbit Litter

Not all types of rabbit litter are equivalent. Some are not even nutritious for your rabbit. Below are some advised risk-free kinds of rabbit litter and some litters you should really keep away from. 

Recycled Paper Pellets

Recycled paper pellets these as Yesterday’s Information Paper Cat Litter are a popular option for rabbit litter bins. The pellets are secure, absorbent, and give some odor handle. Nonetheless, if your rabbit spends a ton of time in the litter box, it may perhaps not be the most comfy possibility. 

Recycled Paper Fluff/Bedding

Recycled paper bedding these kinds of as Small Pet Decide on Paper Bedding presents a cushiony area for your rabbit to do his enterprise. The absorbancy isn’t as very good as the pellets, but the odor management is excellent. This is the type of litter I use for my litter bins. 

Aspen Shavings 

Aspen shavings, even though highly scented, are risk-free to use for rabbits. The scent delivers good odor command. However, these wood shavings are not that absorbent, this means they will have to be changed each day. 

Newspaper Shreds

Newspaper shreds are an low-cost option and generally fantastic plenty of for a cost-free-roam rabbit. Nonetheless, there is no absorbancy or odor regulate, so it should be transformed often. 

Wood pellets

Kinds of Litter to Prevent

Once more, some forms of rabbit litter are normally offered for modest animals like rabbits but are not actually safe to use. Here’s what to steer clear of when buying rabbit litter.

Clay-Based Cat Litter 

Clay-based mostly litter manufactured for cats may perhaps seem to be like the most effective alternative as it is quick to clean up, but it is unquestionably some thing you want to prevent. Clay litter could clump up and cause a blockage in your rabbit’s abdomen if she eats it.


Straw is a popular preference for rabbit bedding. In a barn, straw is high-quality. And that is only when it is mucked out each individual working day. Straw isn’t ideal for dwelling rabbits simply because it has no liquid or odor absorption and collects a magnitude of dust that your rabbit will possible inhale. 


Sawdust is much far too great to use as rabbit litter or bedding. It may well be absorbent, but due to the fact it’s so fine, rabbits can breathe it in, triggering respiratory problems and from time to time disease. 

Pine/Cedar Shavings 

Pine and cedar shavings have been usually the go-to for rabbit bedding and litter. However, modern research have prompt that the scent can cause discomfort and the substances in these trees can lead to respiratory and liver troubles. If you want to use pine or cedar shavings, make confident they are kiln-dried as that eliminates the risky phenols.

3 Methods to Litter Instruction Your Rabbit

Steps to litter train a rabbit

There are three uncomplicated steps to litter instruction rabbits. Once more, relying on your rabbit, it could consider a 7 days or a month. The most essential component is not to hurry the approach. Just preserve repeating the methods right up until it occurs. 

Let us go by the ways. 

1. Placement

As I have previously outlined, you need to have to place your rabbit’s litter box in a familiar place. Don’t just expect your rabbits to go in which you want them. You have to go to them to start with. 

2. Enticement

Rabbits like to munch though they’re doing their organization. So, have a hay feeder or munchy tray beside the litterbox to entice them to use it. 

3. Reward/Reinforcement

Just after your rabbit takes advantage of the litter box, reward him with playtime or a handle. If he doesn’t use the litterbox, choose up the urine or pellets in a paper towel and drop them in the litter box. The scent will reinforce that the litter box is the place urine/pellets are supposed to go. 

Good reasons a Litter Trained Rabbit Might Not Use the Litter Box

Rabbit not using the litter box

For this, we’ll be looking at two diverse situations. 1 is a new rabbit which is in the course of action of becoming experienced. The other is a rabbit who has previously been litter skilled but has quickly stopped applying the litter box.

Here are some motives those people two items may possibly happen.

Health issues

If a rabbit has a UTI or some other digestive or bladder/kidney difficulty, this may possibly induce a lack of handle in excess of urination or dropping pellets. This will be more durable to convey to in a youthful rabbit than in an more mature litter-qualified rabbit. Both way, it should not be dominated out.

Unexpected Adjustments

Pressure and a sudden adjust of surroundings can toss off the most properly educated rabbit. Give a new rabbit time to settle in before litter education. If you have just lately moved with your rabbit, give some familiarity in that spot. 


This one’s for the previously trained rabbits. When a rabbit turns into aged sufficient, even without disease, it can shed handle. 

My rabbit is coming up on 10, and he is nonetheless superior about peeing in the litter box, but I’m just heading to let him do what he would like where by pellets are anxious. It is not his fault he’s a senior bun, and it would be way too demanding to retrain him at his age.