Handy Tips To Get Your Dog Comfortable With The Dog Dryer

Owning and using a large-velocity puppy dryer for your doggy isn’t needed for each breed but there are many double-coated breeds like the Newfoundland that gain from it. 

When pet dogs with hefty coats get soaked, it can hrs and at times even times for their coat to dry fully. 

Leaving a dog’s coat soaked not only can produce a pungent moist dog scent but can also lead to pores and skin bacterial infections like scorching places. 

That is why lots of Newfie house owners spend in a dog dryer. 

Rewards Of a Pet dog Dryer

Not only do doggy dryers (occasionally called doggy blasters) dry a damp dog’s coat but they can also be applied for other issues as well!

A substantial-velocity doggy dryer is a good grooming resource to use when your pet dog is blowing coat due to the fact it easily blasts out loose dog hair and dander. 

brown newfoundland dog standing in front of blue dog dryer

A lot of Newfie proprietors will blow out their dog’s coat with a dryer at least as soon as a week for the duration of weighty shedding seasons. 

We know that the tail of a Newfie is like a Swifter and it picks up every little thing and anything.

A dog dryer is also a good way to blow out dust, and debris.

I have even heard some people say they use it immediately after a stroll or hike to look at and take away ticks that haven’t hooked up to the pet dog still. 

Pet dog Dryers Are Terrific But Also Frightening

While pet dog dryers are a good tool to have, not all pet dogs are a admirer of them and it can acquire some time and endurance for a pet and even a grown grownup doggy to be comfortable with a doggy dryer. 

Puppy dryers are loud and some are definitely louder than others!

For some dogs, desensitizing them to the sound and come to feel of a dryer is important.

If your canine has hardly ever experienced a dryer right before, they shouldn’t be expected to get to it right absent, it’s a system!

How To Properly Introduce Your Puppy or Puppy To a Canine Dryer

I generally like to notify persons that introducing a pet dog dryer to their Newfie is identical to introducing them to nail trimmers. 

The before you do it, the much better and the slower you do it, the much better!

I suggest, think about being a very little puppy dog and all of unexpected a massive and LOUD burst of air will come at you.

That could be traumatizing!

big brown dog sniffing high velocity dog dryer

Puppy dog Ways

Gradual and constant is heading to gain this race. 

Purchase the puppy dryer

Established the puppy dryer up.

Allow puppy sniff dryer.

Give the pup a handle for sniffing the dryer.

You’re performed for the day!

Subsequent Measures

The following day, if attainable, put the dog dryer someplace in the normal circulation of the house. 

A spot exactly where the pup will see it and perhaps have to stroll by it. 

You want the pup to get utilised to Looking at the dryer. 

If the pet does not want to walk by it, which is okay, don’t drive them. 

Heck, you can even smear some pet dog-safe and sound peanut on the dryer or put a lick mat appropriate upcoming to it. 

A canine dryer with peanut butter = Excellent!

Choose The Plunge

Now it is time to switch the dryer on. 

It’s most likely a superior plan to do this exterior or, if you have a specified grooming place, do it there. 

I personally would place the puppy on a grooming table and have a person else in the area that is in charge of turning the dryer on. 

Never have the dryer right subsequent to or on the grooming table but numerous ft away and do not have the nozzle pointed at them. 

Turn the dryer on for 30 seconds to 1 minute and switch it off. 

brown newfoundland dog being dried with dog dryer


Do this for a couple times, slowly and gradually having closer to the grooming table. 

I imagine a grooming desk is a fantastic solution for the reason that you don’t want the pet to operate away but if you don’t have a table, you can leash your dog or if they’re tiny ample, maintain them. 

Use treats to reward.

If your dryer has variable configurations, start off off very low and get the job done up around a handful of sessions. 

I surely wouldn’t flip the K9III all the way up for a although with a pet or doggy new to the dryer!

Each dog is going to respond in another way so it may possibly consider quite a few modest sessions or it may well only take a several. 

Retain in brain that pet dogs are extra sensitive to loud appears than people so just don’t rush it. 

Additional Enable

There are ear coverings (snood) that you can acquire to aid muffle the sound of the dog dryer and several Newfie proprietors use them. 

I a short while ago purchased a Delighted Hoodie for Lou and though he unquestionably appears like a goof in them, the way he was wanting close to at me I do believe they help to drown out loud sounds. 

brown newfie wearing drying hoodie

This hoodie definitely accents my sturdy cheekbones (LOL)

Delighted Hoodie was produced as a grooming instrument to Quiet and safeguard pet dogs from the loud noise and superior-pressured air linked with force drying.

But if you do continue with some kind of ear masking, you will in all probability need to do a thorough introduction with this much too. 

I received Lou a sizing XL and it is cosy so I think it would choose some canine a bit to get utilised to it. 

You can also check out cotton balls in the ears but make certain not to drive them in far too significantly. 

I possibly will not use the ear masking on a normal foundation since Odin and Lou really don’t brain the pet dryer BUT I required to show you that there are alternatives out there and this may be a superior solution for skittish rescue Newfs. 

Far more Blow Dryer Tips

Most Newfies are heading to get more than their dread of the dog dryer faster or later you just don’t want to rush it. 

Most of my Newfies either appreciate or tolerate the dryer inevitably simply because it’s a part of their grooming lifetime. 

Use a super absorbent towel like a swim chamois that will take in a ton of drinking water before you turn on the dryer. 

Really don’t blast your puppy in the deal with, start out drying from the tail and do the job your way up. 

If possible, when starting off, have a further individual there to reward your canine and maintain them quiet. 

If your doggy is crate qualified, you can place them in their crate and flip the dryer on minimal to get them used to the sound. 

You never have to put the dryer in the crate or even following to it, just in the same area. 

Never abandon them, just do this for a couple minutes:)

Reduce your expectations. 

Really don’t hope to get a puppy dryer online and dry your canine all on the similar day. 

It’s a procedure and we’re heading for the very long haul right here!


newfoundland dog enjoying being blow dried

Air Biting

Lou is a whole air-biter when he’s in a goofy temper. 

Most dogs will expand out of this or tire from it immediately after a few minutes. 

I experience like Lou only does this when he’s not on the grooming desk, in which situation I just maintain pushing ahead and he gives up. 

Do You Really Need to have a Dog Dryer For Your Newfie?

My response is always heading to be yes to this no matter of how thick your Newfie’s coat is.

A dryer not only blows out the hair that you just loosened with the bath but it also assists to take away useless skin cells. 

A fantastic blow dryer is going to support promote your dog’s hair and pores and skin which could support to eliminate some skin bacterial infections. 

All of my Newfies benefit from owning a pet dog dryer but pet dog dryers can be high priced and it is not functional to imagine that anyone can afford to pay for a person. 

If you are taking into consideration a pet dryer, test out our publish, How To Pick out The Very best Doggy Dryer For Your Newfoundland.

I started off off with an Air Power Commander 2-speed dryer and it lasted me over 20 decades. 

This 12 months I bought my dream dryer, the K9III and I’m madly in really like with it. 

brown newfie sitting behind blue dog dryer

You really don’t have to expend $600+ on a dog dryer!

Oh, and a person last factor! 

You may possibly feel all is fantastic but beware of that dog worry stage!

If your Newfie is great with the pet dryer and then about 9-15 months, he’s frightened of it-this also shall move!

Just hold on keepin on!

Ultimately, some dogs just are not heading to be enthusiasts of a doggy dryer no matter what you do. 

They do not have to really like every next of it but they should be equipped to tolerate it. 

Additional Newfie Grooming Recommendations

For extra pet at-household doggy grooming suggestions and assistance for your Newfie, examine out my grooming portion Right here!


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