GOP Lawmakers Spreading False ‘Furries’ Claim School Kids Are Pretending to Be Animals and Demanding Litter Boxes (Again)

Very last thirty day period it was a Nebraska Republican condition lawmaker who promoted the lie that little ones in colleges are pretending to be animals – “furries” – demanding litterboxes, and defecating on the classroom flooring if not specified them. Rep. Bruce Bostelman was insistent that schoolchildren have been meowing, barking, and believing by themselves to be domesticated pets. His greatest difficulty with the total issue: “How is this sanitary?”

Quickly forward exactly one month and 3 of Minnesota’s condition Republican lawmakers are the most up-to-date to drive this lie – a lie that originated in anti-transgender loathe.

“There is one thing heading on in our educational facilities in accordance to this, some thing called ‘furry.’ And I feel it is spelled F-U-R-R-Y. I seemed it up on Google,” Rep. Steve Drazkowski, apparently not extremely superior at investigating, mentioned on the Minnesota Household ground.

“It’s explained to me that we have children in our schools who imagine that they are animals,” continued Drazkowski, making use of the quite malleable “described to me” phrase.

“And they are pinpointing I’m instructed as animals. Identifying as animals., They assume they are a cat. A cat. They place tails on and they need that they have a litterbox at faculty,” he extra. All of which is wrong.

“Has anyone else heard that?” Drazkowski asked on the Property ground. “Have you heard about this ‘furry’ point?”

“It’s in the dictionary on Google, Madam Speaker,” he claimed, once again, not being very fantastic with investigation.

Not to be outdone, Republican Rep. Eric Lucero said on the Property flooring, “When I listened to about this, I heard they were actually chopping holes in the uniforms for tails, and in some circumstances, the college students have been placing on pretend tails. And in some instances a single of the dad and mom was responding to what was occurring in the university in which a boy or girl that considered themselves to be a cat – did not have a physical tail, ut had an imaginary tail. And they ended up sitting down at – I believe it was a lunch, ah, a desk in the lunchroom, and this imaginary tail was there. A student arrived up, and sat down and the child that thought themself to be a cat, screamed, ‘You just sat on my tail!’ that was imaginary. Didn’t exist.”

And however, an additional.

“In my district, I will not even name the university, in my district I had a pastor appear to me and he claimed he is staying informed that in a single school district – and I’m not saying this is the situation, we never know, it is unconfirmed – but he is being instructed by multiple folks that there’s a litter box in 1 of the locker area, or rest room, which is my comprehending,” GOP Rep. Tim Miller claimed, all over again on the Dwelling flooring.

These are grown older people, elected officials, standing in the Minnesota people’s property and spreading absurd falsehoods.

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