Get the best magician for the party. 

6 Tips to Hire the Best Birthday Party Magician in Sydney - The Weekly  Trends

Choosing the appropriate magician for a birthday party can be difficult if you’ve contacted several different magicians. It’s not a problem for us Magicians. Other magicians constantly surround us. The majority of people do not have a social network of magicians. How will you be able to distinguish the uncommon charismatic performer from the sea of ordinary Joes holding playing cards and flashing cheesy grins? You’re already ahead of the game if you’ve seen a magician before or received a personal referral. Despite this, no magician is suitable for everyone. With this in mind, here are some pointers to assist you in finding the perfect performer for you and your event.

How to choose the magician for a party?

  1. Experience

The quantity of experience has correlated with their quality more than anything else. The more occasions they’ve performed on, the more at ease they’ll be with strangers. That self-assurance translates into soothing ease with an audience. It also equips the magician with the skill to deal with any situation. 

Examining their video footage is one method. Is there a lot of video content on their website? If a magician doesn’t have a performance video on their website, you should immediately ignore them! A skilled magician will have at least two types of videos on their website. Promotional videos that are well-edited and instances of whole tricks that have been filmed from beginning to end are available.

Take a close look at the promotional videos that have been modified. Do they display clips from a variety of events? Or are they combining perspectives from one or two events? Take a look at their tie if the background makes it difficult to tell. If they’re wearing identical suits and ties in every clip, they might lie to you.

  1. Skill level

After looking at the magician’s experience, the next thing to look at is their skill level. Again, the videos on their website are an excellent place to start. Are they treating the materials with care, whether they’re using cards, coins, rope, rubber bands, or anything else? This is also where the uncut videos come into play. A skilled magician will also want you to watch a handful of tricks done from beginning to end and the carefully edited advertising movies. These can be done in front of the camera or with an audience, but they should not be edited. You may have to dig deeper into the website to uncover these films, but they’re ideal for determining their talent level.

  1. Professionalism

At first, look, doing magic as a side hustle may not appear to be significant. On the other hand, your event is a full-time professional’s priority! You and your guests are far down on a semi-priority professional’s list. I’ve heard stories about magicians canceling shows at the last minute. Your event’s ‘extra cash’ isn’t as significant to them as their day job or the friend’s party they’ve just been invited to. Imagine the pressure of attempting to find a replacement performer only a few days before the event. Although someone might indeed be a successful performer without being a member of The Magic Circle or Equity, not being a member of them hints that they are not serious about their job. Customers are not treated with respect by someone who does not take their business seriously.

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