Family Dog Bonds With New Momma Cat And Offers To Babysit Her Six Demanding Kittens

On Easter Sunday, an lovely tabby named Freckles gave start to 6 nutritious baby kittens in her foster dwelling. The 6 very little types have considering that been referred to as “The Eggs” in an homage to their Easter birthday.

And though Freckles has been a fabulously caring mother to her very little eggs because day one, she is pretty happy, on occasion, to pass off her mom responsibilities to the relatives pet, Kona.


Kona, who belongs to kitty foster mother Asa, has noticed numerous litters arrive through her household and has been incredibly sweet and light with each individual one particular. On the other hand, she has not often been permitted to interact with the newborns due to the fact the nervous mothers are not keen on possessing canine nearby. That is right until Kona fulfilled Freckles. 

Kona and Freckles have had a exceptional connection from the incredibly commencing. And though Freckles will not normally allow Kona to be close to the kittens, swatting and hissing her away, she will make occasional exceptions.

In reality, Kona will frequently be welcomed into the “kitty cave” to cuddle and bathe the minor ones, offering Freckles a much-necessary split. Asa has many pet dogs in her residence, but Kona is the only a single that Freckles has ever permitted in the vicinity of her babies. 


“All my furballs are terrified of likely wherever in close proximity to the infants due to the fact Freckles will occur hissing and swatting. Lucky for Kona, Freckles trusted her enough to enable her into the newborn pen,” stated Asa, “Freckles, getting the fantastic mom that she is, has been so protective of her kittens.”

Asa has shared lots of cute photos and videos of the tiny loved ones on her Instagram page, and followers have fallen absolutely in like with their amazing bond. 

“My coronary heart has absolutely melted,” said a single user. A different additional, “That’s so attractive! Thank you so much for all the cherished updates!!”

The kittens are immediately approaching 8 months of age and will shortly be readily available for adoption. And though Kona will no question be saddened to lose her toddlers, Freckles (who is also obtainable for adoption) will no question be relieved to relinquish her mom responsibilities.

Until finally that day comes: way to co-mother or father, Freckles and Kona!


 In the meantime, individuals who are fascinated in supporting the little ones can donate supplies by using Asa’s Amazon wishlist. As a single can visualize, six minimal ones are a handful to treatment for, and their foster mother will unquestionably take pleasure in any guidance we can give.


Featured Image: Instagram