The importance of proper Beagle potty training goes far beyond just the convenience of not having to pick up dirty messes all over your home. Beagle training is essential for a long lasting and secure owner and dog relationship. All owners want to be able to enjoy their puppies or dogs through their entire lives. Loving your dog so much that it hurts should be the only stressful thing in your relationship with your dog.

Training your dog does not have to be something that is feared or put out because you think it will just be too much to handle. Even dog training books point out that training your Beagle or even any other dog for that matter can be done within a couple weeks if it is done right and the owner is consistent. If the dog is going potty in the home, it is the fault of the owner, not of the dog.

It’s important that you try to establish what you want the Beagle potty training to consist of and what your expectations are. And while it is always more desirable to have your puppy trained right away, you do not have to worry if the dog is older when you get him or her as Beagle potty training can take place and be successful at any age. You may even run into a situation after training your dog where they end up needing retrained and this can be done with ease.

You will need to figure out where it is okay for your Beagle to go potty and make sure that they are taken to that place very often. If it advisable that until your puppy can hold their bladder and such for longer periods that you restrict the water and food intake to certain times a day instead of always leaving food and water out. When there is a constant supply, they will eat and drink whenever and end up having more accidents. After meals, take your puppy outside within five to ten minutes and take your puppy outside every hour in order for them to get accustomed to going outside.

Being positive during the Beagle potty training process is not only a hard thing to do at times but it is also one of the most important things you can do to ensure all goes well. Never scold your puppy for their mistakes, as you do not want them to end up being afraid of you. You want your bond with your puppy to be a pleasant one so if a mistake does happen, simply clean it up without saying anything and then give praise when they do right.

They want to please you and soon will be seeking ways to make sure they get the kind gestures and words from you. Believe it or not, animals can suffer from emotional problems, which is often caused by fearing their owners. This fear can result in even more accidents inside the home. And since you are working on avoiding these accidents, it is best to make sure your puppy respects you instead of fearing you.

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