Dog waits in same spot every day hoping someone will take him home

Little Remy ‘put himself out there’ to secure a new home – and despite spending a year in the Howl of a Dog’s care before being adopted, he is now enjoying his new life Charlotte, in North Carolina, America

He has now secured a new home in Charlotte, in North Carolina, America

He waited in the same spot every day in the hope someone would come along and take him home.

And lucky for him, that’s exactly what happened.

Little Remy was picked up by Howl of a Dog, an animal charity who work to rehome Romania’s unwanted dogs to Europe, America and Canada.

He was spotted during one of their ‘spray and neuter campaigns’ in a small rural area in Romania.

A spokeswoman said: “He was living on the street, sleeping on the sidewalk, near a small grocery store where a kind lady fed him every day.

“Each morning he would come to greet us, happily wagging his tail.

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Remy has a burn mark across his nose


Howl of a Dog)

“During our stay in the village, we tried to find an adoptive family, but nobody wanted him.

“It’s possible that, at some point in his life, Remy had an owner because he has a burn scar on his nose. In rural Romania there is this cruel ‘tradition’ of burning the dog’s nose with a hot iron in order to boost the immune system.”

Unable to secure the three-year-old dog a home in the village, the charity took him with them and put out a Facebook advert about the pooch.

It read: “Remy is the most wonderful dog one could ever wish for – friendly, smart, very loving with everyone, good with other dogs, obedient, house trained.

“He’s fully vaccinated, neutered and microchipped.”

The charity were unable to secure him a home in his village – and decided to take him with them


Howl of a Dog)

However, little Remy ended up spending more than a year in Howl of a Dog’s care, as potential owners chose other dogs over him time and time again.

But finally, a family from Charlotte, in North Carolina, America, came forward and offered him a place in their home and hearts.

The spokeswoman added: “It’s been a very long journey for Remy, but he’s now finally home, with his wonderful family who is giving him all the love he missed.

“And to celebrate his new happy life, Remy also received a beautiful new name, Milou.

He spent more than a year in Howl of a Dog’s care before being adopted


Howl of a Dog)

“We want to say a huge thank you to the adoptive family and also to everyone who has applied for Remy’s adoption.

“Thank you so much all for considering adopting a dog in need!”

Founded by Diana Badescu and Catalin Stancu, Howl of a Dog works to reduce dog overpopulation and prevent abandonment through their free spray and neuter campaigns.

A statement reads: “Through the stories of our rescued animals we are trying to inspire and help humans learn to respect and protect the lives of other species we share this planet with, resulting in better lives for both the animal and human communities.

“Many of the dogs we rescue are seniors or dogs with special needs that would otherwise have very few chances of surviving by themselves on the streets and would be usually scheduled for almost immediate euthanasia in over-crowded shelters from Romania.

“Being unfairly considered ‘less-adoptable’ because they are old, blind, abused, traumatized or injured, these dogs wait for a home much longer than the average adoptable pet does, sometimes even years. For some of them, we may even be the only family they will ever have.

“While waiting for their forever families, our rescued animals are provided with everything they need, from veterinary care and adequate nutrition to basic training and lots of affection. They even have their own parties, on Christmas and other special occasions.”

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