Dog-Safe Ways To Kill Yard Mushrooms

It’s late spring right here in Ohio and we’ve experienced a sizzling and humid season so far. 

Pair that with a new region of grass that we planted to repair the results of a damp drop and winter season with 2 Newfies and now we have a little area of backyard mushrooms that I’m combatting. 

Fortunately, the space of grass in our yard that has the most mushrooms sprouting is fenced off from the puppies, but it even now gives me significant nervousness considering the fact that there are many varieties of backyard mushrooms that can be poisonous to puppies. 

Each and every working day I go out there and pick the new mushrooms and it appears like just as speedy as I can decide them, new ones sprout. 


I need to have to get care of this area and cease as many mushrooms from expanding since our program was to consider down the fence at the close of June. 

Pointless to say, given that I have 3 dogs, I really do not want to deal with this region with any toxic chemical substances that could harm them or the freshly developed grass. 

So I established out to test and smash our yard mushroom dilemma in a safe and effortless way. 

mushrooms sticking up in dog owner's yard

Doggy-Risk-free Ways To Destroy Lawn Mushrooms

Alternatively of applying a harmful fungal pesticide, there are a handful of techniques that you can properly get rid of yard mushrooms without ruining your grass and also maintaining your animals harmless.

These pet dog-harmless mushroom killer recipes use common residence things that most persons have like:

  • Baking soda
  • Dish soap
  • Vinegar
  • Very hot water

I’m at present testing out the baking soda + h2o recipe and the dish soap + drinking water recipe. 

I didn’t do the vinegar for the reason that I did not want to kill the surrounding grass and I also didn’t have the suitable type of vinegar on hand. (It is recommended to use horticulture vinegar)

I didn’t use the boiling h2o strategy for the reason that all over again, I really do not want to kill the surrounding grass simply because I’ve used the very last month attempting to mature it.

baking soda and water to kill mushrooms in yard

Baking soda + water pet dog-safe and sound mushroom killer Do-it-yourself recipe

The baking soda and drinking water recipe is very straightforward. 

Combine 2 tablespoons of baking soda to 1 gallon of water and wither pour the mixture on to the mushrooms from a bucket or transfer into a spray bottle.

Make positive to spray the mushroom and the soil less than the mushroom. 

You can also just sprinkle baking soda around the mushrooms and insert h2o appropriately.

You’ll have to do this for many times in purchase to alter the pH of the soil and you may possibly spoil your grass. 

dish soap and water to kill mushrooms

Dish cleaning soap + water 

Blend just one or two tablespoons of dish cleaning soap with up to a few gallons of drinking water.

Poke holes in the location of soil all-around the mushrooms.

Pour the soapy water more than the mushrooms building certain the combination gets into the holes that you poked. 

pluck mushroom from yard

Pluck the mushrooms

A different organic way to kill backyard mushrooms is to get rid of mushrooms is to safely and securely pluck them from the ground and dispose of them in a sealed plastic bag. 

It is important to tie the bag off to prevent the spores from touring into other spots of your property and also make certain to use gloves. 

Nitrogen fertilizer

If every thing else fails, it might be time to use a pet-protected nitrogen-based mostly fertilizer.  (We use a dog-risk-free fertilizer that we bought from Menards)

I’ve been just plucking my yard mushrooms but I want to do something else because they’re receiving out of control. 

Take out Decaying Particles

Eliminate dead grass clippings, leaves, and any other decaying natural material. 

I’ll update this submit in about a week to allow you know which way labored finest for doggy-safe methods to eliminate backyard mushrooms.

If You Assume You Have Poisonous Mushrooms In Your Garden

If you are concerned that you might have harmful mushrooms in your garden and you want to know for absolutely sure, you can verify with your local yard store to see if they have anyone that can identify mushrooms or arrive at out to a community mushroom professional in your place. 

You can also join the Mushroom Identification Team on Fb. 

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