Cat-Attracting Fabric Softener Is April Fool’s Joke Made Real

Every cat lover has been in a problem exactly where the cat they want to pet is just not fascinated. Thankfully, a Japanese firm has produced a fabric softener to address this problem—and it was dependent on an April Fools joke.

On April 1, 2021, Daiichi Sekken Co. introduced a new product—a cat-attracting cloth softener built with silvervine, a plant observed in Japan, China and Korea that functions like a additional potent model of catnip.

The authentic hoax tweet said “We are going to promote silvervine fragrance for cats to enjoy,” “It really is a magical material softener that would make felines want to normally snuggle with you” and “The greatest weapon for when they will not want to be held,” as translated by the Mainichi Shimbun, a main Japanese newspaper.

But however it was at first just a joke by a cat-loving social media supervisor, the gears started off turning—particularly when the firm identified a January 2021 analyze that recommended silvervine may be handy outside of just building the wearer a cat’s new ideal friend.

daiichi sekken silvervine catnip fabric softener prank
A Japanese business has developed a fabric softener made with silvervine, a plant comparable to catnip, to entice cats to the wearer. This orange kitty is experiencing the pleasures of catnip.

Silvervine includes the chemical nepetalactol, which is a all-natural mosquito repellent. Catnip has a equivalent chemical, nepetalactone. The January 2021 analyze prompt that cats are drawn to these chemical compounds, which act similarly to an opioid in the animals. But aside from making cats act as if they are high, rolling, rubbing and licking, the study’s authors hypothesize that this actions also coats cats’ fur with the anti-mosquito substances, repelling the bugs and preserving cats unbitten.

Even though the company has created a prototype of the cloth softener, termed “FUNS Luxury No. 22 Matatabi Softener”—”matatabi” currently being the Japanese identify for silvervine—it is unfortunately not however for sale. A spokesperson for Daiichi Sekken instructed the Mainichi that they have been however doing the job on the merchandise.

“There are lots of concerns that need to have to be cleared up, these types of as how to enhance the sum of silvervine (extract),” the company said.

Newsweek reached out to Daiichi Sekken for comment.

FUNS Luxurious No. 22 Matatabi Softener is not the only product or service that started out as an April Fools joke only to come to be true. In 2015, a mini-drone was teased by a Chinese smartphone maker on April 1—but while it was a prank, the corporation truly bought a confined selection of them.

Occasionally it is a matter of technologies catching up to a prank. In 2004, Apple’s gag was that the firm was releasing a product that could be extra to iPods to convert the units into mobile phones. In June of 2007, the Iphone was initial formally released.