Best Cat Treats for Picky Cats

Having treats on hand for your kitty can help to deepen the bond between feline and owner. If indoors, your kitty relies on you for their food, and even if they reside outside they will love to come find you for a tasty treat! You are the keeper of all your kitties basic needs and resources so of course they will not only come to you for love and affection, but they will adore you for providing them with some tasty treats. Feeding your feline treats is an amazing way to show them love and affection, and give them something that tastes a little different than their usual food. Just like with dogs, you can even use treats to reinforce positive behavior. It is important to note that giving your cat TOO many can be not so good for them. As a rule of thumb, giving your feline treats as a maximum 10% of their diet is a great way to moderate their treat intake. Treats are a great way to keep them alert to your needs and leave them wanting more! I’m always looking for the best treats to give my cat, so here are some cat favorites! 

  1. Purebites treats for cats 

These flavorful treats are a personal cat favorite, and they are great because they can be broken up into tiny pieces for longer lasting fun. These gems are 100% natural and they only average 2 calories per treat! This makes them great for less active cats or couch potato kitties as we call them. If they are on the chunky side this is the one for them! SInce they are freeze dried this company does a great job at preserving all its natural nutrition and it remains high in protein which is essential for the feline diet! 

  1. Feline Greenies

Greenies have always been known as the little green treats for cats and dogs in the shape of a toothbrush, but did you know that they are clinically proven to reduce plaque and tartar buildup and leave them with the freshest breath you have yet to smell from a cat? It’s true, feline greenies can help prevent tartar without you ever sticking a toothbrush in your cat’s mouth! I’m not sure if you have ever attempted to stick a foreign object in the mouth of a cat, but it is not an easy feat and they do not enjoy it. Getting some of these will save you time, money on dental bills, AND possibly prevent you from a catfight with your own cat. As far as cat treats for bad breath goes, I would say this is the winner! 

  1. Temptations

 Temptations build up…you guessed it…temptation for your cat’s taste buds! Trust me, they will be climbing all the curtains if you put one on the top of the window because they just LOVE these treats! DISCLAIMER: I do not suggest you do this because their claws might ruin your curtains. But anyways, Temptation cat treats are both healthy and nutritious, and they have a crunchy outside with a wildly flavorful filling! Their motto is to enjoy wonderful times together, which I think is so perfect because using treats your kitty loves and will come running for can make your bond long and strong. 

  1. Irresistables 

These tasty treats have real meat and NO artificial flavors in them. You can feel good about giving your cat a delicious snack that is soft in texture. Pet parents rave about these ones, leaving a 4.3 out of 5 star rating on their website. They say when the treats come out their cat comes running. Bring it on! 

  1. Get Naked Furball Relief 

We all know cats can get hairballs. In our childhood movies they made it look nice and cute when they were coughing them up, but in reality furballs can be very frustrating to the animal and if not spit up, a large fur ball can cause blockages in a cat’s digestive tract. If too large, it can actually pose a dangerous threat to a cat. What we can do to prevent this is use the almighty get naked furball relief! If you are wondering how to prevent furball issues in your cat then this is it. What this treat does is add fiber ingredients like sweet potatoes and flaxseed to help keep your cat’s digestive tract clear. It’s also filled with GanendedBC30, which is a probiotic that is meant to help their natural immunity and support their digestive system. These are also great cat treats for constipation due to them being high in fiber, so if your cat has been having a hard time pooping then look no further.

  1. N-bone Cat Chew Treats 

These are the ones you are going to get to bust boredom out of the water and be long lasting. Your feline will love these and not only are they great treats for oral hygiene, but they are edible and digestible as well. You want to keep your cat’s gums and teeth healthy, so having some sort of chewable for them is key. Taurine is also added which supports eye and heart health, so your cat can enjoy the health benefits while they gnaw down on something yummy. They also have ZERO preservatives or artificial colors. Now that’s something to meow about! 

Whether you are going for something to just be a yummy snack, furball relief, or a toothbrush, there are many options to appease all cats! Our cats deserve the best and to take delight in the little things in life. If you are looking for the most loved options for your cat then look no further. When looking for a cat treat it’s important to look at a few things: functionality, additives, and calories. You don’t want something with too many unnatural additives unless you are only going to be using it occasionally, and for an overweight kitty lower calorie treats are going to be key. It’s all tailored to your pet’s specific needs. They are all individuals and they all deserve some tasty treats!