Beemo The Cat Dares You Not To Fall In Love With Her Adorably Annoyed Face

If you’re a member of the Facebook team HOW Absolute DARE, then you have in all probability encountered Beemo, a pixie of a Singapura who wears an irritated mien. If you are not part of the team, here’s your introduction to one of the most awesomely irritated cutie cats you’ll at any time have the enjoyment of digitally conference.

And while 8-yr-outdated Beemo may well not glimpse thrilled to meet you, she’s extremely delighted to make your acquaintance as this Singa sweetheart loves folks. In point, Beemo enjoys individuals as a lot as she enjoys focus, so in her view, the much more individuals lavishing her with like, the superior! So, let’s give this darling diva the viewers she justifies!


The Story of Beemo

Soon after Amanda Seelen and her partner claimed goodbye to one of their two Chihuahuas, their remaining Chi became a unhappy very little shadow who wanted a mate. The devoted pawrents made the decision a little cat could be the ideal buddy for their pup.

“We virtually googled ‘small puppy like cat’ and the Singapura breed popped up,” Amanda defined to iHeartCats. “We experienced hardly ever read of it or seen a Singa just before so we did a stack of study and made a decision that it was the excellent breed and temperament for our condition.”

Assembly Beemo for the first time, Amanda was smitten by the little Singapura’s want for love and snuggles! Minimal did she know, her lovey-dovey kitten would improve into a Velcro cat that craved connection. From the moment Beemo stepped her very small paws into her eternally residence, she owned the put and her parents’ hearts.

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But when Beemo had her individuals suitable where she desired them from the start out, they however wanted some coaching as they had a bad habit of using the word ‘no’ in regards to her demands. By covering them in hugs and cuddles at all several hours of the working day, the intelligent cat experienced that nasty term proper out of their vocabulary! Beemo has also taught her mom that kitty snuggles need to be provided when asked for, no make any difference what Amanda might be carrying out.

“I’ve truly experienced her swaddled like a baby so I could stroll all around the house AND are likely to her cuddle demands at the same time,” shared Amanda. “She crawls up within my tops and pops her very little head out of the neck and goes to slumber.”


When questioned about her demanding approaches, Beemo basically shrugged and mentioned, “I get anything I want.”

And that is how it must be for a sweetheart who life to love her loved ones!

That Interestingly Irritated Search

Being a Singapura, Beemo is a dainty matter. But for all her tininess, she’s significant on temperament. Sassy, sweet, and with a deal with that often drips scorn, Beemo is the queen of stink eye. And she arrives by it sincere as her breed is identified for their Singapura Stink Eye.


As we’ve acquired, Beemo has the stink eye talent down to an art, but scars across her nose give her huffy expression an even sharper edge. Amanda described that Beemo has a negative practice of chewing her thumbnails and then scratching at her confront. A vet has cleared Beemo of any concerns, so it’s just a single of the several quirks cats can produce. And no make any difference how many nail trims she receives, Beemo nonetheless scratches, leaving her nose with a glimpse of crinkly dissatisfaction.

But the nose scratching is not Beemo’s only foolish kitty quirk.

“She also enjoys human hair and provides very violent head massages.”


But Beemo defined she offers the head massages for the reason that she just enjoys individuals so darn much!

Amanda confirmed Beemo’s appreciate of human minions, stating, “She will sit on anyone’s lap and need their attention by tapping them on the hand and is not frightened to lap hop till she finds a person who will give her the focus she warrants.”


“She is 100% diva. Normally the centre of notice, unashamed to demand and get what she would like and not even remotely shy.”

The Diva’s A few Keys to Domination

Beemo will not deny her diva nature she’s worked hard to craft her lofty standing. For example, when Beemo’s father cooks an high priced steak, she will make guaranteed to get what’s hers, telling iHeartCats, “I’m not shy, if they never present me some, I WILL consider it myself.”


And such a go illustrates what Beemo calls her “three keys of electric power persistence, cuteness, and passion.”

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So, just how does Beemo’s domination strategy work?

“Let your human beings believe that they are the bosses while you apply The A few Keys and you will gradually overthrow the authorities of your house and turn into the ruler your self, without the need of them even realising,” instructs Beemo.

Now that is a energy move!


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