5 Important Things to Consider When Choosing a Dog Day Care Center

Every dog lover knows that the same you don’t want to leave your kid at home alone, they can’t leave their puppies and dogs unattended.

Dogs and puppies are adorable and fun. However, taking good care of them needs effort. They don’t just require nurturing and care. They should also be fed on time.

Leaving them at home can be a bad idea. Fortunately, dog daycare centers are available to help care for your pet when you’re not at home. To help you choose a highly rated doggy day care center, ensure you consider the following factors:

  1. Staff

Rest assured that your dog will be cared for and get the necessary attention required to ask for the dog-to-staff ratio of a daycare center.

It is worth noting that there is a dog-to-human ratio for daycares implemented in several states. So make sure you verify with daycare owners regarding the possible guidelines of the state.

The right adjustments are made based on dog groups. For active breeds, the ratio of two staff per ten dogs is more desirable, whereas 20 dogs per staff are reconsidered suitable for a less active breed.

  1. Operating Hours

Ensure you know the hours of operating for your preferred daycare center. You basically need a center that works according to your schedule, whether you have odd hours or work late.

Maybe your flight comes late, and you have to pick up your dog early in the morning. Knowing when your preferred daycare center workers mean planning how you should spend per stay is important as a pet owner.

  1. Safety

Choosing a center that has invested in legal requirements and safety protocols is imperative to ascertain the pet’s well-being.

Failure to choose a more secure space for your center comes with negative consequences, such as long-term mental damage, death, or behavior issues.

Safety measures that must be followed include an initial evaluation to check your dog’s temperament, minimizing the presence of a female dog during the heat cycle, and ensuring every male dog is neutered.

  1. Cost

Normally, the cost of a doggy daycare ranges from $16 to $39 per day. Some of the factors that contribute to this variation may include the type of daycare and location.

Consider comparing the cost of living in rural areas against big cities. And you will know that cost of living in big cities is higher than in rural areas. This also means that daycare services will be affected by where you live.

  1. Referrals

There are unofficial certification programs for daycare facilities. So it is imperative to gather different inputs from many sources.

Ask if the daycare may connect you with both the dog parents whose pets are enrolled in currently to ensure you know their experiences.

Final Touches!

Dog daycare centers remain important facilities where you can drop off your pet for short-term care. Although it used to be seen as a frivolous activity for pets, it’s now regarded as a needed social outlet for dogs. So if you are looking for a good daycare center for your pet, ensure you consider factors like referrals, cost, operating hours, and staff.