5 Benefits of Biothane Collars for Dogs and Cats

Your pet’s collar is not only a trend assertion, but it also performs an critical purpose in their protection. Collars are applied to carry identification, secure with leashes or tie-outs, and make improvements to visibility in lower-light-weight amid other tasks. In this tutorial, we’re heading to look exclusively at the use and gains of Biothane collars for the two pet dogs and cats.

What is Biothane?

The time period ‘Biothane’ is frequently employed to refer to collars, harnesses, and leashes created from a polyester webbing coated with PVC or TPU.

The nylon-coated design would make it effortless to thoroughly clean, water-proof, and resistant to undesirable smells.

Nonetheless, most pet proprietors do not understand that ‘Biothane’ comes from the brand title of one particular certain webbing-model materials. The enterprise is Biothane Coated Webbing Corp., based out of Ohio.

Now, the term is frequently applied to any item designed from nylon-coated webbing.

Biothane is readily available in a wide assortment of colors ranging from typical neutrals to daring neon. The collars, harnesses, and leashes can be accented with different styles of hardware, the addition of attractive studs, or engraving into the material itself.

The product is established both of those with a substantial-gloss and a no-gloss option, presenting a matte appearance.

A rapid search reveals there are hundreds of firms and creators doing the job with this product the two domestically and all around the world.

Whether or not you are seeking for a completely ready-created collar in a unique shade or a customized Biothane coloration to match your pet’s personality, the solutions are infinite!

two biothane collars sitting on a stump | 5 Benefits of Biothane Collars for Dogs and Cats
Image Credit score: KittyCatGO

Vegan Substitute to Leather

One particular of the motives that Biothane has developed so swiftly in popularity is the reality that some hues closely resemble the visual appearance of leather.

This helps make it a great choice for all those that are browsing for a vegan substitute.

Not only does it search related, but it is less complicated to treatment for. It is actually the ideal of each worlds – leather collars and long lasting, water-resistant methods.

Is Biothane Safe for Dogs and Cats?

There is always a worry amid pet parents when introducing a gentleman-designed product into the lives of their pets, primarily a thing they are consistently uncovered to like their collars.

The great news is that Biothane is 100% non-poisonous.

In point, it is safer than a lot of collar alternatives. With a sleek, flexible surface area to the collar, it does not pull at your pet’s fur or scratch sensitive skin.

In addition, the actuality that it dries so rapidly helps prevent rashes, infections, and irritation.

black dog sitting outside on leash | 5 Benefits of Biothane Collars for Dogs and Cats
Indiana putting on his collar and leash from Birch Tree Creations

Styles of Biothane Collars

Regular Biothane Puppy Collar

The most typical kind of puppy collar is the normal or flat Biothane doggy collar.

With a basic design and style, these collars circle the dog’s neck although closing both with a clasp or buckle. They also function a D-ring for attaching identification tags or leashes.

A classic collar is a great selection for working day-to-working day put on, but it should not be utilized for going for walks canine that pull.

Biothane Martingale Collar

A Biothane martingale collar appears like a flat collar from the front, but there is a loop of Biothane or chain at the back. If your puppy attempts to slip out, this tightens the collar and helps prevent escape.

Initially, this design of collar is really preferred with breeds like Greyhounds and Whippets.

These puppies have slender heads, that means that a collar that is match to their neck will normally slip very easily around their heads if they check out to again out.

Having said that, in current many years they are growing in recognition for rescue groups and everyone that is in search of a minimal excess security when using their pet dog out on leash.

Biothane Slip Guide

Even though a slip lead isn’t usually viewed as a collar, it does merge a collar and leash in 1 item.

On a single finish of the leash is a loop that slips all around your dog’s neck. They are adjusted simply, building them a well known alternative for rescues, groomers, trainers, and veterinarians.

Although they are a adaptable solution, a Biothane slip lead is not a superior choice for pet dogs that pull on the leash excessively with no appropriate instruction.

As the pet pulls, the collar portion will tighten and can bring about major hurt.

Biothane Canine Harness

For puppy mothers and fathers that like the use of a harness to a collar, you can also invest in a Biothane canine harness.

These harnesses supply all the protection that a nylon harness supplies while also making it possible for you to enjoy the gains of Biothane collars that make them so well-known.

They are obtainable in a range of variations together with action-in harnesses, front clip harnesses, back again clip harnesses, and dual clip harnesses.

This indicates there is an alternative for just about every pet dog and life style.  

Biothane Cat Collar

A lot of cat collars are made with a protection buckle or breakaway buckle, and this is also an possibility when purchasing for a Biothane cat collar!

But why do you need to have a breakaway buckle?

Cats are adventurous animals that like climbing up trees, together ledges, or over shelving.

If their collars were to get snagged, it can produce a perilous scenario, putting your cat at hazard of harm or strangulation.

Breakaway buckles are created to unclasp if they are tugged with ample drive.

two cats wearing biothane collars | 5 Benefits of Biothane Collars for Dogs and Cats
Pippen and Jinx sporting their Biothane Collars from KittyCatGO

Examine Out These Positive aspects of Biothane Collars for Your Pet

Water resistant and Uncomplicated to Thoroughly clean

If you have a pet that enjoys participating in in the mud like our insane crew, this is a important benefit!

The coated style and design of a Biothane collar will allow it to rinse speedily and easily, liberating it from any filth, grime, and muck.

It’s a fantastic choice for individuals that love paying out time exploring the outside, the two camping and hiking.

After all, who needs to invest all their no cost time washing their pet’s collars, harnesses, and leashes following just about every big experience? We certain don’t!

Each and every so often, we disinfect our collars working with a mixture of 1 section bleach to 9 sections h2o to remove any lingering grime.


No matter if you have a puppy that just rolled in a little something smelly or a cat that has used a tiny also a great deal time in a litter box, your pet’s collar can decide up a good deal of unwelcome smells throughout the working day.

Smells that you likely are not seeking ahead to snuggling up with any time shortly.  

A person of the significant added benefits of Biothane collars is that they really do not hold onto any odors, regardless of what your pet has gotten into.  

Lengthy-Lasting Sturdiness

If you have ever obtained a collar that you absolutely Loved, then you know the disappointment when that collar eventually wears out.

Nylon collars fade, cloth collars rip, and leather collars split down if they usually get soaked.

The coated webbing of a Biothane collar is watertight and in a position to take a beating! They even stand up perfectly to dogs that like to seize on to their leash in pleasure at stroll time.

This indicates that Biothane doggy sales opportunities and collars are an investment decision that is going to hold up nicely calendar year immediately after 12 months.  


Does your pet or cat get pleasure from swimming? Do you have a pet that enjoys obtaining out on the drinking water canoeing or kayaking?

If so, then you are probable acquainted with how prolonged it can choose for a collar to dry.

Just one of the most significant positive aspects of Biothane collars is the point that they are waterproof, indicating that drinking water is no extended a difficulty!

Safer and Additional Hygienic

When picking out a collar for our pets, we never often end to contemplate how hygienic they are about time.

Collars that are made from supplies like nylon really do not just keep onto grime, they can also maintain onto undesirable points like germs, algae, or fungus.

Even worse nonetheless, the location of the collar places these unpleasant germs right in close proximity to your dog’s experience.

The water-proof mother nature of Biothane product indicates that the collar is effortlessly cleaned, holding it sanitary and risk-free for your pet.

Another security reward is the threat of a wet collar towards your pet’s neck around time. It can not only result in irritation but lead to a awful an infection, scorching location, or pores and skin issue.

By quickly drying, Biothane collars stop this from currently being a dilemma and shield your pet.

brown dog sitting outside on leash | 5 Benefits of Biothane Collars for Dogs and Cats
Daviana putting on her collar and leash from Birch Tree Creations

How to Test if Your Pet Collar is Authentic Biothane

Whenever a high quality products gains popularity, there are always people that develop low-cost knockoffs in the hope of profiting from the hoopla.

However, this is no exception.

These collars are built from less expensive and considerably less sturdy materials, cutting down on creation costs and increasing financial gain.

PVC and direct collars are typically stiffer and fewer flexible than genuine Biothane. They are much easier to spot as there is a apparent change in the top quality of the collar when managing it.

Rubber collars are occasionally promoted as Biothane.

To determine if a collar is made of rubber, seem at the edges or inside the buckle holes. With legitimate Biothane, you will see the edge of the webbing centre.  

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In which to Acquire a Biothane Collar or Leash

Every of our puppies has a common Biothane collar and matching convertible leash in their have personalized hues from Birch Tree Creations.

As for our cats, they just about every have a custom made Biothane cat collar with their names engraved from KittyCatGO.

Both equally models make large-high-quality goods that we proudly stand driving and suggest!

What design and style of collars (or harnesses) do you use with your animals? Have you experimented with Biothane? Enable me know in the comments!  

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